About this Job:

The DNSFilter Talent Specialist will focus on attracting the most qualified and best-fit candidates to our team, efficiently spending time and energy on building the relationships that matter. Our team will grow smoothly because of you, and you’ll make sure it is well-known that DNSFilter is a great place to work.

You will add value and impact through:

  • Full spectrum talent recruitment
    • Maintain DNSFilter's presence for the benefit of our talent pool
    • Partner with hiring managers across all departments to craft and revise job descriptions and compensation plans
    • Publish and publicize current openings
    • Assess and preliminarily screen applicants for roles of all types
    • Assist with mid- and late-stage hiring process coordination
    • Regular qualitative and quantitative reporting on hiring
  • People Training
    • Own and collaboratively maintain department-agnostic specialty trainings and orientations
  • Team Retention
    • Collect and assess data related to people retention and churn, and make recommendations to leadership accordingly
    • Work with leadership to optimize employment structures
    • Optimize employee performance review processes
    • Collaborate on creating and deploying employee performance improvement plans
    • Collaborate on creating, administering, and maintaining various people-oriented programs (like benefits and incentives)
  • People Logistics
    • Help to maintain employment records and employee data
    • Spearhead improvements that allow healthy team scaling

Required Qualifications

You have/ you are:

  • A proven record of successful technical, remote recruiting
  • A solid grasp of employment markets around the world—the cultural aspects, benefits and compensation, and how to best interact with talent pools across many cultures
  • Excellent content creation skills
  • Fully fluent in English
  • Lived experience in the United States (you are currently living in the US or have lived and worked here and have expatriated)
  • Readily and warmly communicative, and do so with succinctness, purpose, caring, and priority
  • An adventurous and can-do approach to achieving desired outcomes
  • Metrics-driven
  • Experience handling global employment compliance, policy-making, and record-keeping
  • A digital native, or disguised very convincingly as such
  • Effortlessly maintain confidentiality

As part of absolutely every team member's commitment to DNSFilter are

  • The need to remain supportive to the whole team
  • Being flexible
  • Being great at listening
  • A level of organization somewhere between (and including) pretty damn good and manic
  • Being reliable
  • Being and staying adaptable
  • Showing up with a professional demeanor
  • Being skilled and mature in communications
  • Having a capacity to innovate and solve
  • Having the humility to absorb feedback along the whole way

Helpful Qualifications

  • Multilingual
  • Have full-stack recruiting experience
  • Experience working as a member of a fully distributed team whose work hours all vary
  • APTD, STMP, or equivalent certification
  • PMP certification

Who we are

DNSFilter is a fast-paced, VC-backed company that is rapidly growing. We provide DNS threat protection that assists businesses in protecting their employees from accessing unwanted content. That includes malicious sites, such as domains hosting malware or phishing scams. DNSFilter is a Techstars startup. We support nearly 7,000 organizations, including Fortune 500 customers like NVIDIA. With the exception of offices in D.C. and Denver, our company is fully remote, with staff in several countries.

Our secret sauce is our AI, called Webshrinker. It performs real-time classification and threat detection. This is what drives our DNS protection software, protecting users from phishing/malware and enforcing custom policies (block adult content, social media sites, enforce SafeSearch, etc). We also sell subscriptions to our Webshrinker technology separately.

In 2019 and 2020 we doubled our annual revenueand our team size. We are looking forward to 2021 being another amazing year for growth - we need your assistance to get there! People operations is central to all of our growth goals, and we seek to entrust you with the care and effort it will take to get DNSFilter onto that ideal hiring pace. This position is a 100% remote role, regardless of pandemic status. DNSFilter is seeking a full-time, in-house employee; consulting solutions, we kindly ask you to refrain from offering your contracted help.

Why Work at DNSFilter?

  • Ability to grow within the organization
  • Truly impassioned and intelligent colleagues
  • Paid vacations, sick, and holidays
  • Full medical, dental, and vision benefits
  • Full short-term disability and life benefits; available long-term disability
  • Annual company gatherings* held in truly exciting places - in 2019 we met on a beach in Colombia for a week. There was no 2020 gathering, but we have every intent to resume once Covid allows us to do so safely.
  • Fast-paced and upbeat environment, practicing levity and respect for each other every day